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How would your muse describe mine? Don’t sugarcoat it. I am genuinely intrigued.




"Vasilis, dear." his answer was kind and rather pleasant compared to his worried attitude he’s had till now.
"Vas for short. Is this you’re place?"

Noiz nodded a little and paused, not really wanting to open the door yet. “I will warn you now. Make a single comment on my home’s interior, you’ll have to find someone else to fix your delicate little Allmate.” Then the blonde opened the door and stepped inside.

"Darling, your talking to a florist. In this town, no one stands the abundance of flowers in my cramped apartment. Much less the over bearing smell."
He followed the young man called Noiz with his ‘you have no idea’ attitude, then stepped into the apartment. 
All it he witness was an abundance of rabbit decor scattering the living spaces confinements. He did not laugh but found it a bit comical. As if someone just let loose two rabbits and let them have at it in his apartment.

He can create flowers in cold and hot places, but it'll cause an odd freezing/burning feeling in his hands for a few minutes because ice, snow, and fire hurt him. He probably never bothers with flora in the Fire Kingdom or Ice Kingdom because of this.

// Headcanon Accepted. I can definitely imagine him making a fire/ice flower or make one that can stand either harsh temperatures but struggle to do so.

Message a Headcanon you have about my character and I’ll tell you how accurate you are!



Hell if it isn’t already a headcanon and is accurate, I’ll make it a headcanon.


[Headcanons are a thing of beauty]


While the manor fashioned a thick inch of dust atop brittle structures grey in age, it posed as a shell for what it used to be and Hawthorne coudl help but gaze upon it in wonder. These features hidden beneath time gave him such fascination. It was like a ghost presented him a peek into the past.
"I would love to help you give this place life once more, " he spoke with his eyes glued to what his fingertips brushed across, "It looks like it hold great magnificence."
Hawthorne then turned to the other king.
"That is, if I’m not imposing anything."

LOL! You should draw that. Like FK looks like he's flipping hair and the suddenly -MIDDLE FINGER- with dramatic rose petals in the background.


FK be like: -Beautifully flips you off-

//Literally FK’s entire lifestyle summed up in one sentence.

I tried to draw my soul but all I could think of was flowers